Chocolate market in Romania (2003-2006)

In 2003 the annual consumption of chocolate per capita was about 1 kg. Today it has reached 1,5 kg per capita. This level represents a much lower consumption per capita compared to other European countries, but the consumption is growing.              

The Romanian chocolate market is split into several categories: chocolate tablets, pralines, wafers, chocolate bars, chocolate dragees and drops and seasonal products, specially chocolate products for the Christmas/Easter periods.

In 2004 the imports of chocolate products were over six times higher than the exports.                                                 

The main players on the Romanian chocolate market are Kandia-Excellent (with a market share of about 35 %), Kraft Foods Romania (with a market share of about 32.5 %), Supreme Chocolat (with a market share of 7 %).
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We went to supermarkets and took pictures of the chocolate shelves.

Here we can see that Heidi has a lot of competitors such as Milka, KandiaPoiana, Africana, Primola, Laura and also Toblerone.

These are the Easter bunnies !

And the pralines for gifts !